PJ Harness Analyser is a harness racing prediction software using PJ Data individual sectional times. After 20 years of using sectional time analysis for private use in Australia across different codes we have decided to share this product. This program is an advanced and accurate tool suitable for serious punters but with all the hard work done it is simple enough for the normal punter to understand and use.

The program takes previous run sectionals, position data, track comparisons and bias, actual distance run and race variance factors to calculate each horses expected performance in upcoming races.

You can choose to simply print the ratings provided or add your personal touch by using the advanced built-in tools to exclude data in calculations, view all the charts, change how factors are applied to calculations, alter predicted running positions and see how this affects the results.

This program is too powerful to be web based and only runs on Windows based computers / laptops. View some screenshots at PJ Harness Analyser Screen Shots.

Analyse your races, print your predictions and go punting with confidence.

NOTE: Victorian Harness Racing is now included in this product!

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