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Horse Reports

If you are looking to buy or sell a standardbred, understand your horses strengths or see how performance has changed over time then a horse report can help you.

PJ Data are proud to announce the introduction of Horse Sectional Reports. The intention of these custom built reports is to provide real performance information on a horse compared to all other Australian horses over the last 5 years for the same gait and distance ranges. Performances are adjusted to evenly compare every run over the same distance / track.

Reports can be customer built but typically they include:

Sectional Comparison: The horses previous performances will be calculated against every other Australian runner for similar distance. All runs are converted to a Menangle Mile for short distance runs. Medium distance and long distance reports are completed for the horse as well if they have run longer distances. Outlying performance are removed and best run is highlighted.

Benchmark over time: The horses performances are benchmarked and you will be able to see how the horse performs over time compared to the median horse and the top and bottom 10% of horses.

Speed Chart: To understand the horse you will be provided with speed charts and commentary to explain the horses racing pattern / strengths:

A summary will be provided based on PJ Data’s extensive knowledge of sectionals and what they mean for each horse. Based on the sectional calculations you will also receive a ranking for the horse as a perpentile versus all other horses.

Our reports are a must for anyone looking to buy or sell a horse.

We specialise in 2YO reports as well. Want to know how you horse will fair as a 3YO?

If your heading to yearling sales ask use about our analysis for yearlings.

Email us if you want a sample report.