Harness Analyser – Here’s what our customers have said!

“I’ve been betting at Albion Park since 1985 so I’m getting old but I’m adaptable and will work it all out. Your program is such a great tool and I think I would be lost without it now.” Tony 22/4/22

“Best thing I have ever come across – I recently purchased your harness analyst software, and I am blown away by how much this program has benefited my analyzing of form and I have benefited immensely already!” Brett 19/9/21

“The system makes it so easy to do the form for a race saving me hours of time per meeting  by converting the sectionals and overall time to a ratings figure.” Andrew 27/8/21

“Great product, I loved the trial and have purchased the next 3 months.  Thanks very much for already serving up a great product!” Brett 19/5/21

“Well done with your updated version. The ratings based system saves me a huge amount of time and is easier to use. The attention to detail is fantastic.”  Andrew 24/4/21

“I think your idea with the program is great. Its very hard to program the way you want it to work. I think you are doing a great job.” Peter25/3/21

“I recently purchased the Analyser and have thoroughly enjoyed using it. I am just wondering if there are any plans to introduce Victoria into your product? Keep up the good work.” Shaun 18/2/21  We hope to expand into Victorian racing as soon as we can. This is the only state we currently don’t analyse.

“The time in which the following days data is released is far too late and prices have been available for a few hours and have been knocked off by then.” Adam 25/11/20 – We listened – Acceptances now provided 2 days before race meeting for most races.

“Last Sunday the ratings picked the First 4 at Wagga in order and the F4 paid over $9K, yesterday there was a boxed F4 at Redcliffe which paid over $4K, lots of trifectas also.” Craig 23/3/19

Your software is very good and you can do plenty with it.” Peter 18/1/19

“Keep up the good work you are doing.” Christal 1/12/18

“I found the biggest asset from my perspective was the data base where I could put in my own notes and the speed map/finish predictor.” Duncan 23/9/18


  1. I hope they make more improvements to make the program better and better.
    I never had anything like this back in the sixties when i went to the trots.

  2. If you have open the window where you change the horses around you cannot open other windows in the program. Be good if you could use the other windows without closing down this window. Would make it easier placing the horses with the form part open.

  3. Interesting Peter. Future will hopefully be web based but still some time away before considering this.

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