Main Screen

Track your subscription, get important messages from PJ Data and manage your meeting. Print your rating and tips. Re-load old meetings to review your analysis.

Analysis Screen (Version 3.05)

This is the main area you analyse a race meeting. View performance rating charts and ratings summaries based on your settings. Filter on similar race distance, location and same gait/start type.

Adjust your factors for Race Variance Factors, Extra Distance Run and Maximum Margin. Race Variance Factors are provided for every race at every meeting by PJ Data. Extra Distance Run is calculated by PJ Data using the width the horse races in each race and track geometry.

Click on a horse and enter the data view mode. View all the horses previous runs or all runners data. You can sort this data as you like and remove runs from calculations.

Print your analysis and view results in the analysis after the meeting is run.

Virtual race

See how different scenarios will alter the race results/ratings. Your acceptance files will be pre-loaded with estimated running positions for all horses that data exists for. Simply grab a horse on the screen and move it to where you think it will be in running. As you move the horse see how it changes the predicted result.

Calculation for this simulated use the estimated speed of the first part of the race to calculate each horses first times and remaining energy. This is then applied to the horses known finishing speed from previous run data.


View / Print reports for ratings and your tips.

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