If you are having trouble installing the program please follow the following instructions:

When you run the install program (Setup.exe) you will be prompted from your Windows security system to allow the setup file to install. You will need to click on ‘Yes’ or ‘Run Anyway’ to allow the installation.

The program will then ask you to read and agree to the terms and conditions. You will need to accept the agreement before you can press next to proceed with the installation.

The program will install on your c: drive and a shortcut will appear on your computers desktop screen and in your program files list. You will need to click in the shortcut or select the program in the file list.

When you open the program the first time you may be prompted with a potential security concern as shown below, You will need to click ‘Open’ to allow the program to run.

If this security concern doesn’t come up you may have a small banner at the top of the screen as shown below:

This banner will prevent the program for working until you click on ‘enable content’.

 Your program should now be fully installed and you will be prompted to enter in your e-mail address to register your program. Enjoy.